XRadio Media Corp. is a radio network and media company aimed at creating dynamic products and services that meet the need of small to medium tours, concerts and festival producers.

XRadio Media Corp. has created over 45 radio stations all over the US and is continuing to grow. The latest station created was the HouseHeads.fm station, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.   XRadio Media Corp. has been developing radio stations, since 1999.

“Developing radio stations,  involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the media concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed genre. Post- analysis and ensuring a return on investment have become significant drivers for the streaming media industry.” By Wikipedia.

As an streaming media company, XRadio Media Corp. has handled the following responsibilities:

• Site surveying
• Client Service
• Budget drafting
• Cash flow management
• Procurement
• Scheduling and agenda planning
• Site design
• Technical design
• Health & Safety, Security, Crowd Management
• First Aid Services
• Environmental and ecological management
• Risk management
• Logistics and vehicle selection
• Rigging
• Sound
• Light
• Video

• Shipping

• Hotels

• Transportation

Providing any of XRadio Media Corp.’s products and services will be based on a thorough assessment of the client’s vision, needs and budget. We look forward to working with you.